ACT Math

Overview of ACT Math Test

  • 60 minutes to answer 60 multiple-choice questions

  • Preparing for Higher Math (34-36 questions)

    • Number and quantity (4-6 questions)

    • Algebra (7-9 questions)

    • Functions (7-9 questions)

    • Geometry (7-9 questions)

    • Statistics and probability (5-7 questions)

  • Integrating Essential Skills (24-26 questions)

  • Modeling (15+ questions)

Calculator Permitted

  • Some calculators are not allowed --see specific ones on website (like TI-89 and TI-92 are not allowed)

  • Calculators can help with…

    • Handling positive, negative, and fractional exponents

    • Use parentheses

    • Graph simply functions

    • Convert fractions to decimals and vice versa


  • Do the problems that you are sure you can do quickly and correctly

  • If a problem looks time consuming, save it for later, so you can tackle the easier questions first.

  • If you have no clue, simply guess.

  • Do your best to eliminate any answers that look wrong.

  • With word problems, underline the question and try to break it down in steps.

Sample Practice Problems