ACT Science


  • Asks you to understand information from tables, graphs, illustrations, and passages and make predictions

  • Cannot really prepare for this section since most of the knowledge is based on provided passages

  • Charts and graphs (data representations)

    • 2 passages with 6 questions each

  • Experiments (research summaries)

    • 3 passages with 7 questions each

  • Dual science passages (conflicting viewpoints)

    • 1 passage with 7 questions

Question Stems

  • Do the results of Experiment 1 support the authorś claim?

  • If scientists wanted to increase the conductivity of the material they invented, they would:

  • If a saturated solution of XXX at XXX were heated to XXX would the solution remain saturated?

  • Based on Tables 1 and 2, the electronegativity of a Period 3 element in the same group as nitrogen is most likely:

  • Which of the following statements is supported by the information in both Table 1 and Table 2?

  • Based on the information in the passage and Table 1, which of the following is true regarding XXX?