SAT Math


To practice areas of growth for the PSAT on Tuesday, October 25th using Khan Academy at

Overview presentation

Overview of Math Sections

  1. Math with Calculator

    1. 55 minutes

    2. 38 questions

    3. More complex calculations

    4. Multiple choice and grid questions (student-response)

  2. Math without Calculator

    1. 25 minutes

    2. 20 questions

    3. Tests fluency

    4. Multiple choice and grid questions (student-response)

  3. Formulas provided for geometry in a Reference section

Two Types of Questions

  1. Multiple choice questions

  2. Student-produced response questions

    1. Mark the answer in a grid (Grid-ins)

  3. Placed in order of difficulty

    1. Easy to hard

    2. Focus on easier ones first and then go to harder ones

    3. All correct answers are with the same amount

    4. Skip harder questions and guess on those

    5. Focus on the ones you think you can get right

    6. Slow down, don’t rush--avoid careless mistakes!

  4. Questions on the math

    1. Designed to mirror problem solving for college math, science, social studies, and personal and career

Three Areas of Math

  1. Heart of Algebra

    1. Mastery of linear equations and systems

  2. Problem Solving and Data Analysis

    1. Quantitative reasoning

    2. Use ratio, percentages, and proportional reasoning to solve problems in real-world situations as well as interpret graphs and tables

  3. Passport to Advanced Math

    1. Manipulation of complex equations or functions

    2. Important for careers in math

    3. Geometry: area and volume, coordinate geometry

    4. Trigonometry: basic


  • Eliminate answers by balling parking, looking for the ones that are the wrong size

  • Read the final question--it may ask you to put the answer in a specific form

  • Take one step at a time; don’t rush --careless mistakes can make you miss easy questions because you are trying to rush

  • Remember you are only getting credit for the ones you answer correctly

  • Write down steps to avoid rushing and making mistakes

Sample Questions