Better Together Club

Let’s face it: The IB curriculum is a challenge, and sometimes a little help can make all the difference! Come to Better Together Club to receive support and encouragement from your peers. IB Peer Tutors are students in grades 10th-12th grade who volunteer to help assist and support students in the Better Together Club.

What is Better Together Club?

In an effort to provide academic support for high school students, a peer support club will start in the fall 2021 after Labor Day on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:40 -8:20 a.m. in HS 1.10. The goal is to provide a supportive environment where students can work on assignments and study and can ask for help from their peers if they need it. Overall, the purpose is for students to encourage and support other students in their academics.

Need help....Awesome. Please come.

Do you need help with homework or studying? Would you like help from other students?

Come to Better Together Club on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 7:40-8:20 and to receive support from our IB Peer Tutors (students in grades 10th-12th) because we all need a helping hand from time to time.

Want to help... Yay! We need you. Come get service hours for helping your peers!


August recruit Better Together helpers. Juniors and Seniors can use hours for service hours for CAS. Yay!

Program starts after Labor Day through end of May

Apply to Be an IB Peer Tutor

FOR IB Peer Tutors: Please apply by filling out the below application form to be a helper and having two teachers fill out a recommendation form for you. Please let Mrs. MacFarland know by email once you have applied to verify her receipt of your application.

Better Together IB Peer Tutor Application Form (Applicant fills out)

Teacher Recommendation Form (Applicants should send to two teachers)

Mrs. MacFarland will have a Sign up Genius to schedule times for people to volunteer. Once you have been approved and received a Congratulations email, you will be asked to sign up for volunteer/service hours.

IB Peer Tutors should... YES, YES!

  • Enjoy helping others with academics e.g. math, science, history, writing, etc.

  • Exhibit patience and caring when explaining concepts

  • Encourage others to persevere through challenging curriculum with original thinking and problem solving

  • Embrace good study habits to share their strategies with others

  • Want every student to feel included and supported

  • Act with academic integrity

IB Peer Tutors should... should NOT... NO, NO!

  • Give answers to a student.

  • Let a student copy off their own work.

  • Write the answer for the student.