Careers & Success

Interdisciplinary Unit Summative

English II and College & Career Readiness

Habits and Traits for a Successful Career


Students will develop their position on what traits and habits it takes to be successful after synthesizing various sources. Students will write a feature article for a popular consumer magazine. Students' summative will be assessed in both College Readiness and English II and on the interdisciplinary unit objectives. 

The Task

Imagine yourself 10 years from now happily in a career of your choice. Time Magazine is doing a feature article on Americans’ views of success and how that led to a specific successful career.  They have chosen you to be on the cover and to tell your story. 

Purpose of Integration

Students will be able to bring together concepts about success from two disciplines: College and Career Readiness and English II. Students will read and interpret texts and media about the concept of success. In English II, students will read selections from Malcom Gladwell's Outliers as well as smaller texts, Ted Talks, or articles. In College Readiness, students will explore the idea of success in terms of choosing a career and reflecting on how personality influences career choice and perspectives of success. Students will reflect on their own personality traits that could lead to a successful career. 


Perspective is the position from which we observe situations, objects, facts, ideas and opinions. Perspective may be associated with individuals, groups, cultures or disciplines. Different perspectives often lead to multiple representations and interpretations.


Identity and Relationships

Lifestyle choices, Attitudes


College Readiness: Evaluation

English II: Theme, Purpose


An informed perspective  can inspire us to evaluate our attitudes and lifestyle choices.


Factual:What is success?

Conceptual: What habits and traits can help me be successful in a future career?

Debatable: To what extent do our attitudes about success influence our actions?

Thinking: Students will consider ideas from multiple perspectives to draw reasonable conclusions and will evaluate and analyze ideas. 

Communication: Students will read critically for comprehension from a variety of sources, making inferences and drawing conclusions about concepts related to success. 


Works Cited

Go to and create a Works Cited for your feature article. 


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