College Exploration

Unit 3: College Exploration

November 1 - December 16

KEY CONCEPT: COMMUNITIES: groups that exist in proximity defined by space, time or relationship. Communities include, for example, groups of people sharing particular characteristics, beliefs or values as well as groups of interdependent organisms living together in a specific habitat.

RELATED CONCEPTS:1) Evaluation: Evaluation involves the gathering and processing of data to determine an action. Evaluation involves feedback, which can be used to control, revise, or modify. 2) Resources: Resources relate to the supply of a commodity or of information or knowledge about a topic.

SUBJECT-SPECIFIC CONCEPTS:College options, college resources, Post-secondary alternatives

GLOBAL CONTEXT: IDENTITIES AND RELATIONSHIPS: Students will reflect on their transition and lifestyle choices by exploring potential colleges in order to plan for their future and find happiness.

EXPLORATION: Students can use their personal and career interests to identify and research college options.

STATEMENT OF INQUIRY: Resources and evaluation are necessary to determine which community would best fit one’s need for a specific person’s identity.

INQUIRY QUESTIONS: How do I select colleges based on factors most important to me? What resources are available to assist me in this process?

College Exploration will be assessed on Student Learning Objectives Rubric.

College Search Digital Notebook Assignment

You are about to embark on an important journey to learning about different colleges that meet your interests and about what colleges are looking for in ideal candidates. By understanding the expectations, you will better prepare yourself for planning for college.

Step #1

Write down a list of the 10 things colleges look for and reflect about how any or all may apply to you.

Step #2

Write down a list of common college application mistakes and reflect on your insight into what you think are the most important and why.

Step #3

Write down a list of possible college majors that will lead to careers of interest.

Step #4

Go to and do the college search based on your interests, or you can visit for a college search. You can also check out college reviews at You can even take a virtual tool at Learning Express also has a search tool if you need additional ideas.

Make a list of 5 colleges/universities which interest you. Show the list to me. Then begin to research each and complete information for the four.

  • Overview: Why is this college on your list? What intrigues you about this college? What is important to you about this college e.g. geography, majors, etc.?

  • Culture: How would you describe the culture of the school? What are the demographics? What types of students go to this school and what type of environment do they cultivate on campus?

  • Strengths of the school: What do you see as the strengths of the school? What are some advantages for going there?

  • Admission requirements: What do they require for admission?

  • Your personal reflection about the school and what you found interesting/helpful: Overall, what did you like or dislike about the school? What information intrigued you, confused you, etc?

Step #5

Research colleges and take notes in your composition book or in a Google doc

Step #6

Put all of your information together in a digital notebook for your summative assessment and turn in to your teacher

Step #7

Upload college exploration to Google Classroom

Step #8

Be prepared to talk about your favorite college during exam week!

Rubric in the instructions

College Search Rubric 2021