Types of Characters

Round character: a character that has many different sides to his or her personality.

Flat character: a character that is static and doesn't change at all in the story. The character is often stereotypical or a caricature of an archetypal pattern we see in society or literature.

Static character: a static character, either round or flat, that doesn't grow in his or her mindset throughout the course of a narrative

Dynamic character: a dynamic character is a round character who grows in his or her mindset throughout the course of a narrative, perhaps through some sort of epiphany or event that causes them to change in some way


Authors will develop characters in different ways through....

Indirect characterization: Indirect characterization reveals the personality of the character.

  • speech

  • thoughts

  • effect on others

  • actions

  • appearance

Direct characterization: direct characterization is what it sounds like: the narrator telling the reader an opinion about a character in the narration of the story, such as "He was an unruly, boisterous boy who had no regard for manners."