Learner Portfolio

What is the Learner Portfolio?

IB requires that all students have a Learner Portfolio for DP Language and Literature as a way to explore your own writing and expression. The goal is to develop your interests in writing, but also to be reflective as a writer.

Learner Portfolio is a place to ....

  • explore ideas and styles of writing
  • experiment with your writing, taking risks and trying out different genres
  • challenge yourself with what you read, write, and consider
  • include observations and collect ideas and interests
  • connect with global issues and central concepts from the course
  • track your learning and progress
  • create compelling work that you are proud of
  • have a place to include ideas to help you with IB assessments (internal and external)
  • communicate and reflect on your own individual style as a writer as well as the style of writers you study
  • take agency in your own writing

DP Language and Literature Template

Use the template that Mrs. MacFarland created for you. You can duplicate the site and create one with your name e.g. Jane Doe's Learner Portfolio. Please SHARE the site with Mrs. MacFarland once you have created it at m.macfarland@mwschool.org by clicking on the +people image next to the three dots.


Under the three dots on the upper right hand side, click down to Duplicate site.

Once you duplicate the site, and change your name to First, Last Name's Learner Portfolio, then you will share the site by clicking on the +people image to the left of the three dots and add my email address: m.macfarland@mwschool.org.