Review exemplars from IB to understand the assessment criteria and expectations.

IB Examples of Personal Projects

Exemplar #1: HIGH SCORING, "Creating an Animation"

24/24 Examiner's Comments Exemplar #1

24/24 Written Report Exemplar #1

Exemplar #2: LOW SCORING, "Video Games and Violence"

10/24 Examiner's Comments Exemplar #2

10/24 Written Report Exemplar #2

Exemplar #3: MIDDLE SCORING, "Building a Sustainable Driveway"

15/24 Examiner's Comments Exemplar #3

15/24 Written Report Exemplar #3

Maximum Length of Student Submission

Document File Types: .doc, .pdf. rtf

Recording File Types: .mp3, .m4a., .mp4, .mov, .m4v

  • 15 pages, No recording

  • 14 pages, 1 minute recording

  • 13 pages, 2 minutes recording

  • 12 pages, 3 minutes recording

  • 11 pages, 4 minutes recording

  • 10 pages, 5 minutes recording

  • 9 pages, 6 minutes recording

  • 8 pages, 7 minutes recording

  • 7 pages, 8 minutes recording

  • 6 pages, 9 minutes recording

  • Between 2,000-3,500 words

  • Mrs. MacFarland encourages writing 3,000-3,500 to encourage success based on the exemplars.


  • Written work should be 11 point font size

  • One inch margins

  • Visuals need to be clearly visual

  • Audio and video must be recorded and submitted in real time

  • Visual aids may be used to support spoken reports. However, evidence and examples presented in the visual aids should be submitted as documents.

  • Visual aids presented only in video format will not be considered for assessment.

  • The bibliography is uploaded separately and is not included in the page limit.

  • DO NOT include a title page; if included, it will count towards the page limit.


Project is assessed and internally standardized by the supervisors

IB will require so many projects to check how closely they meet the standards

Assessment Criteria

24 marks

Criterion A: Planning, 8 marks

Criterion B: Applying Skills, 8 marks

Criterion C: Reflecting, 8 marks

One page rubric of personal project

Detailed rubric of personal project