Process Journal

Students are expected to document the process for the Personal Project and will need to have evidence to show they have developed the necessary Approaches to Learning skills as well as have shown academic integrity. Students have flexibility to choose how they gather evidence using media, written, visual, audio, digital, or a combination of mediums.

Types of Evidence for the Process Journal

  • visual thinking diagrams (mind maps)

  • cluster maps

  • pictures

  • photographs

  • sketches

  • audio material

  • screenshots of blogs or websites

  • charts

  • steps to a process

  • short paragraphs

  • notes

  • timelines or action plans

  • bulleted lists

  • illustrations

  • research notes

  • artifacts such as from a museum, performance, or gallery

Rationale for Evidence

Evidence is gathered throughout the project in order to ...

  • document its development.

  • provide a record of the process and accomplishments from brainstorming, development, inquiry, planning, action, and reflecting.

  • record interactions with sources e.g. teachers, supervisors, and external contributors.

  • collect helpful resources such as quotations, pictures, photographs, excerpts, charts, etc.

  • evaluate the work completed and reflect on the learning and feedback

  • ensure the academic integrity of the process