Timeline Personal Project

End of 9th Grade Year

Step 1: Generating Ideas and Investigating Options

  1. May: Introduction

    1. Personal Project and brainstorm and generate ideas.

    2. See link for generating ideas.

10th Grade Year

Step 2: Planning, Criterion A

  1. August -September: Investigating, Researching

    1. develop your goal

    2. receive supervisor, initial Meeting with candidate/supervisor #1

    3. outline a topic, decide on goal and global context

    4. research: select relevant resources and gather information

    5. begin developing criteria

    6. begin process journal

  2. October-November: Planning

    1. finalize on product/outcome/success criteria

    2. continue researching: select, evaluate, and acknowledge information

    3. work on product and outcome

    4. attend a work in progress session with candidate/supervisor Meeting #2

Step 3: Applying ATL Skills & Taking Action, Criterion A

  1. November -December: Taking Action

    1. Continue working on product and outcome

    2. mid- January: PD Advisor Meeting

    3. Meeting #3 with supervisor

Step 4: Finishing Action, Reflecting

  1. January/February : Finish Action, Reflect

    1. evaluate the quality of the product based on the criteria

    2. reflect on learning

    3. meet with supervisor by Feb 22nd and discuss progress and receive feedback on report

    4. complete report due March 1st.

    5. candidate/supervisor, supervisors use Academic Honesty Form--February

    6. prepare for exhibition with your Personal Project Booth Display and Personal Project Display Worksheet

Step 5: Exhibition and Personal Project Report

  1. March

    1. first week in March March: PP Coordinator meets with supervisors to score and standardize student reports

    2. week before spring break: Personal Project Expo and Parent/Community Night

  2. April

    1. early-April: supervisor assesses report and writes feedback, academic honesty meeting form

    2. mid-April: all files are uploaded to IBIS, moderated samples are uploaded, predicted grades entered into IBIS

Supervisor Meetings

Tentative Dates for Meetings

Supervisors will have three meetings with the Personal Project Coordinator.

Supervisors/PP Coordinator ONLY, NO STUDENTS:

  • September 8: Supervisors select topics of interest from spreadsheet (no student names)

  • December 8th: Discuss expectations for completing research/taking action/see examples

  • March 9: Grading of the PP and Standardization

Supervisor/Student Meetings:

  • REQUIRED: Meet with supervisor by September 22: 1st Meeting (Investigating: review goals/refine goals/discuss process journal and taking action)

  • OPTIONAL: Meet with supervisor by October 20: Optional Meeting (Planning: finalize criteria/discuss research process/work in progress/taking action)

  • REQUIRED: Meet with supervisor by Nov 17: 2nd Meeting (Taking Action: discuss plan to complete product applying research to outcome, evaluate research criteria)

  • OPTIONAL: Meet with supervisor by January 12: Optional Meeting (Finishing Action/Reflecting: discuss finalizing product and finishing action, begin written component, begin reflecting)

  • REQUIRED: Meet with supervisor by February 22nd: 3rd Meeting (Reflecting: discuss reflection, report due, preparing for exhibition)