Standards: Criteria for Language & Literature

CRITERION A: Analyzing (knowledge, understanding, and interpretation)

Analyzing involves demonstrating an understanding of the creator’s choices, the relationships between the various components of a text and between texts, and making inferences about how an audience responds to a text , as well as the creator’s purpose for producing text. Students should be able to use the text to support their personal responses and ideas.

CRITERION B: Analysis and evaluation of author’s choices (author’s technique/style/craft)

Analyzing a text includes evaluating the author’s choices or the author’s craft, providing an insight into how language, structure, technique, style of text(s) create meaning.

CRITERION C: Organization (focus, organization, integration, development, transitions, referencing)

Students should understand and be able to organize their ideas and opinions using a range of appropriate conventions for different forms and purposes of communication. Students should also recognize the importance of maintaining academic honesty by respecting intellectual property rights and referencing all sources accurately.

CRITERION D: Language (preciseness, vocabulary, varied sentence construction, register, terminology, grammar)

Students have opportunities to develop, organize and express themselves and communicate thoughts, ideas and information. They are required to use accurate and varied language that is appropriate to the context and intention. This objective applies to, and must include, written, oral and visual text, as appropriate.


For the TXEIS Gradebook, the Standards will be broken up in the following percentages:

30% . CRITERION A: Analyzing

30% . CRITERION B: Analysis and evaluation of author’s choices

20% . CRITERION C: Organization

20% . CRITERION D: Language

If you are interested in seeing percentages and requirements for internal and external assessments for DP Course, please see 11th Grade IB Assessments page or 12th Grade IB Assessment page.

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