Citing Sources

How do I do in-text citations for MLA?

How do I integrate my sources into my writing?

Major vs. Minor Works

How do you refer to minor works (article titles, poems, et.) compared to major works (books, plays, newspaper publishers, websites)?

  • When citing MAJOR WORKS such as book titles, magazine titles, album titles, or website titles, put the title in ITALICS.

  • When citing MINOR WORKS such as poems, article titles, a specific song from an album, or short story titles, put the title in quotation marks. Remember to capitalize all words in a title except for the first word, articles (an, a, the), prepositions (of, to), or conjunctions (and, but, or, so).

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What do I capitalize in a title?

How do I use quotes within a quote? (Single vs Double Quotation Marks),'%22

How do I properly reference my sources within the body of my essay?

How do I cite music and movies?

  1. Music: or

  2. Movies:

  3. TV Series:

How do I cite an image or a chart?

How do I include an appendix for charts, lyrics, poetry, etc?

How do I format the Works Cited page?

How do I develop an annotated bibliography? (required for EE)

1. Locate and record citations for all sources that are relevant and useful for your topic and texts.

2. Examine and review sources, sifting through any that are not useful, and only include the ones that connect back to your research question. Choose the ones that will provide you a variety of perspectives on your topic.

3. Develop citations for relevant sources using the appropriate style guide: MLA 8 (if you want to use in-text citations) or Chicago (if you want to use footnotes).

4. For each citation, include a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph, an annotation, explaining to the reader the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the source cited. You may summarize the central theme of the book or article and evaluate the background on the author as well as how this work connects back to your research question.


  • Include your Works Cited page at the end of the essay for easy reference when citing your sources through in-text citations (MLA) OR footnotes (Chicago)