Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness Activities & Videos for Brain Breaks

Relaxing Music with Visuals

Underwater Meditations

Underwater Meditations

Underwater Meditations

Landscape Meditation

Relaxing Music with Landscapes

Calm Music

Beautiful Relaxing Music

Relaxing Ambient Music

Bird Visuals

Rain Sounds

Sensory Calming Music

Visual Stimulation

Kaleidoscope Meditation

Another Kaleidoscope Meditation

Visual Meditation

Jellyfish Visuals

Chill Out Music

Relaxing Music

Ambient Chill Out Music

Focus and Concentration

Chill Out Instrumental

Cozy Winter Chill Cow

Brain Calming Music

Chill Out


Easy Stretches

Easy Stretches

Dancing & Yoga

Move and Freeze

Yoga Freeze Dance

Fortnite Dances

Yoga Freeze Dance

Yoga Freeze

Freeze Dance

Listen and Move

Dinosaur Stomp

Shake Yo Foot!

Can't Stop That Feeling Dancing

Get Your Body Moving


Dynamite Go Noodle

Monster Moves

I Get a Good Feeling

Super Heroes Dance Along

Touchdown Yoga Freeze

Watch Me Whip Nae Nae

Epic Star Wars Dance

Fortnite Fitness

Mindfulness with Martial Arts

Tai Chi for Concentration

Martial Arts Brain Break

Karate Brain Break

Fun Brain Breaks

Illusions that will Test Your Brain

Brain Gym Using Your Hands

Rock, Paper, & Scissors Brain Break

Hand Challenge

Mindful Breathing & Awareness

Five Finger Breathing Exercises

5-4-3-2-1 Method to Reduce Anxiety

Belly Breathing

Guided Meditation