Formal Register

Use a formal register when writing your HL essay. The HL essay is a formal, academic essay. Here are some tips excerpted from (see italics)

1. Do not use contractions

2. Spell out numbers less than one hundred

3. Write in third person point of view (avoid “I,” “we,” “you,” etc.)

4. Avoid using too much passive voice (avoid overusing “am,” “is” “are,” “was” “were,” “be,” “being”

5. Avoid using slang, idioms, exaggeration (hyperboles) and clichés

6. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms

7. Do not start sentences with words like and, so, but, also

8. Always write in complete sentences.

9. Write longer, more complex sentences.

Mrs. MacFarland added #10. Avoid “This is” or “It is” or “There are”