Learner Portfolio

What is the Learner Portfolio?

The learner portfolio will include both digital and handwritten work.

DIGITAL: Students will submit work to Google Classroom and will use Google docs, drawings, and slides for their digital portfolio.

HANDWRITTEN: Students should also have a composition book for taking notes, brainstorming ideas, and making inferences and observations.

IB requires that all students have a Learner Portfolio for DP Language and Literature as a way to explore your own writing and expression. The goal is to develop your interests in writing, but also to be reflective as a writer.

Learner Portfolio is a place to ....

  • explore ideas and styles of writing

  • experiment with your writing, taking risks and trying out different genres

  • challenge yourself with what you read, write, and consider

  • include observations and collect ideas and interests

  • connect with global issues and central concepts from the course

  • track your learning and progress

  • create compelling work that you are proud of

  • have a place to include ideas to help you with IB assessments (internal and external)

  • communicate and reflect on your own individual style as a writer as well as the style of writers you study

  • take agency in your own writing

Students will analyze various text types and are expected to produce a range of text types.

Students will also explore literature through seven central concepts.