Socratic seminar

Open Ended Questions, Making Connections

Why do you think (event) happened?

How could (event, reaction) have been prevented?

What are some reasons (character) (action)?

How are (character) and (character) alike? Different?

What inference can you make about…?

What is the relationship between….?

What is your opinion of…?

Why did the character make that choice about…?

What examples can you find to show…?

What conclusion can the reader draw about (character/event, etc)?

How would you compare _______? contrast?

How would you summarize _______?

How is _______ related to _______?

What are general characteristics of main characters?

How did _________ happen? When did _______ happen?

How would you describe _______? How would you explain


Open Ended Questions, Literary Analysis

How is _________ a symbol in the book?

What internal conflicts does the protagonist have?

What are some external conflicts in the story?

How does the author foreshadow events to come in the story?

How does the use of flashbacks contribute to the understanding of the plot?

How does (character) feel about (character/event, etc)?

What imagery stands out to you?

How might (character) have felt during (event)?

How is the point of view effective in telling the story?

How does the author develop the tone of the story?

What is ironic in the story?

What would happen if the story was told from a different point of view such as_____________?

How did (character’s experience) influence (character’s development, event)?

What is wrong with (character’s) reasoning concerning (character, situation, event)?

World Connection or Thematic Connection Questions

What is (event) similar to in our own time?

How is this event similar to __________ (in history or contemporary society)?

What is the theme of the reading?

Do you agree with the actions _______? with the outcome _______?

Based on what you know, how would you explain _______?

What choice would you have made _______?

Why was ____ better than ____?

How would you respond to the ______________ (conflict) in the book?

Can you describe a situation in which (character’s action) would be acceptable/unacceptable?

How could you prove or disprove____?

In recent times, what well-known people are like______?

How does this (incident) remind you of (current event)?

What changes would you make to solve _______?

How would you improve _______?