Thematic statement= abstract idea + insight

First, determine what abstract idea is being conveyed in the work.

What does the text say about an abstract idea?

Consider some of the following to help you brainstorm: acceptance, adapting, ambition, betrayal, citizenship, courage, culture, failure, defeat, desire, dreams, empathy, equality, faith/loss of faith, family, forgiveness, friendship, good/evil, greed, guilt, happiness, honor, illusion, isolation, liberty, loneliness, love, loyalty, materialism, nature, opposition, patience, poverty, prejudice, punishment, virtue, survival, truth, violence, peace, wealth, social class, wisdom, youth, aging.

Finish this statement to develop the thematic statement: This is like life because ….

Once you have thought through your abstract idea, you will want to add an insight to it. Consider these examples:


abstract idea=acceptance, insight=maturity allows for acceptance of weaknesses


People mature and learn to accept their flaws and strengths over time.


When a poor man has an ambition to rise above his station in life, he faces fierce opposition.


The defeat of an individual is inevitable when society sets out to destroy him.


People may grow in their awareness of others and become more empathetic through conflicts.


Sometimes people don’t appreciate their cultural heritage until faced with challenges.

One’s cultural legacy can influence their actions and behaviors.


People may feel isolated and alienated at times due to conflicts and may have to work through challenges in order to feel connected to a community.