Personal Project Research & Evaluating Sources

Research Notes

Students will take notes in Noodle Tools and will create an annotated bibliography for the Personal Project.

Consult LIB GUIDE for links for the Annotated Bibliography and Resources for Research​​​

Search Engines

Want to review the sift method for evaluating your research? Check out this lib guide:


First, stop and question....

  1. Do you know who create the website?

  2. Do you trust this source?

Investigate the Source

Then, ask yourself some questions:

  1. What is the purpose of this site?

  2. Is there a clear agenda or bias in how the information is delivered?

  3. What is revealed if we look at the home page or about us section on the website?

  4. What does Wikipedia say about the article? Take the URL down to the .com or .org and add a space and Wikipedia and see what comes up from Wikipedia about the source. See how long the publication has been around, circulation numbers as well as information that gives you an idea of the reputation of the source.

Find Better Coverage

  1. If you doubt the claim made, are there other sources that cover the same story?

  2. Is there a more credible source that can verify the information?

  3. Does a reverse image search help verify information by right clicking on an image and then search image with Google Lens?

Trace Claims

Does the original source of the information say the same thing as the source you found?